Monday, March 31, 2008

ZOO time...

We were able to go down to Salt Lake this last weekend, and spend an afternoon at the Hogle Zoo! We had a lot of fun! It was supposed to rain and snow that day, but we lucked out. The weather turned out to be just right for animal watching... cool, but not too cold. It wasn't very busy there either, so Andrew was able to walk around more than he normally would. He especially liked pulling his cousin Emma in the wagon.

This is a picture by the waterfall that is by the exhibit for the white alligator... doesn't it look like they are really in the rainforest?Look at that huge elephant!! Andrew loves this elephant, but it makes a lot of loud weird noises, which kind of scared him... he pulled the funniest faces. Too bad I didn't get them on camera!
Is there any better place to be than on Daddy's shoulders?
My niece Emma and Andrew playing in the water... except Andrew quickly got bored of that and decided to run around it instead. They have such a fun playground at the zoo... this is Andrew climbing through a great big log. Peek-a-Boo!!
It's time to relax and EAT!!!
The Three Amigos

Thursday, March 27, 2008


As I have looked at pictures that we took over the last year I realized that there are so many that I like, and what good times we had!! Since I just recently started this blog, there are a lot of things I wish I could have shared! Here is a quick overview of things that we experienced.

There are so many things that we accomplished this last year, a few MAJOR ones to say the least!! I was able to graduate from Utah State, and that was no easy task for me!! I had an especially hard time with leaving Andrew to attend class, it made me feel so guilty. But, with the much needed support of family and friends, and especially my sweet husband, I made it through!!! I couldn't be happier. And although, at least for now, I am not working or using my degree in any way, I love that I can say I graduated, because there were so many times that I didn't feel that I could do it and wanted to give up.

Our energetic little Andrew man turned two this last year, and he definitely acts the part!! He is a quick one, and must be watched at all times as he can find his way into absolutely ANYTHING... no matter how child proof you may think it is. Andrew has the most contagious laugh!! When he laughs, I laugh, which makes him laugh harder, which makes me laugh harder, which makes him... well, you get the point. He is so amazingly smart, and learns new things very quickly. He has learned the alphabet, can count to 12 (sometimes he still mixed up the numbers, which we love!!), and is OBSESSED with colors. He is always pointing out the colors to EVERYTHING. In fact, the first thing he said to me when we came home from the hospital with Carrie was nothing to do with the new baby, but with the color of my sweater... "Green Mommy," he kept saying!!

That of course leads us to our sweet angelic Carrie!! She has been such a delight to have in our home!! There is something special about having a newborn in your home I have noticed... there is just such a happy and peaceful feeling. And although at times I feel absolutely worn out, especially when we have long sleepless nights, I cannot help to feel so completely HAPPY. She has helped to remind me that life is meant to be enjoyed, and that it is OUR responsibility to find that joy. I LOVE being a mom, and would not trade it for anything in the world!! I learn more from my kids than they probably learn from me, but I am okay with that. I cherish the moments I have with them, and hope that in the end, I will have taught them what they needed to know.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

It didn't happen over Easter weekend, but I so wanted to do it!! Dye Easter eggs that is!! We never got around to doing it last year either, so this year I was determined to, even if we were a few days late!! So really, this was our first time introducing Andrew to the wonderful art of egg dying!!! I think Andrew's favorite part was actually stirring the dye before we even used it, but he also liked plopping the eggs into the dye, making it splash all over the counter. And although there are no pictures of Carrie, she was also there, it was quite the family event!
After we were done dying the eggs Andrew took each egg one by one and would say (while hugging the egg) "I love green... I love blue..." It was very funny. I love this little guy!!
The boys went for a walk around the block, and boy were they cold when they got back! What happened to our Spring weather?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

This year our Easter was a little different than usual. We usually spend our Easter weekend down in Salt Lake with our extended family. This year however, we spent it at home, and had a quiet weekend with our sweet little family of four. We had an easter egg hunt with Andrew, we played outside, and just enjoyed being together. Kevin was able to relax a little and take a breather from school and work, and it was wonderful to spend time together.

I have spent some time reflecting over the last year, and all that has happened. I cannot believe how quickly life can change, and how wonderful it is that it does so!! I am so overwhelmed at how blessed I have been. I have two of the most beautiful children who always make me smile just to think of them!! I have a marvelous husband who loves me, and works so hard to take care of our family. I have been blessed to be born into the gospel, and have parents who have always taught the gospel not only through words, but through their actions as well. I am SO thankful for the Atonement, and that I don't have to be perfect (because that is never going to happen!) to enjoy these blessings, and to be with my family forever. I want so much for my cute kids to know of my love for the Savior, and want to instill in them the desire to get to know Him as well. I want them to know that they are each a Child of God, and that our Heavenly Father loves them so very much!!

Easter Egg Hunt... in the living room!
 "I can see you!!" Andrew and Carrie Easter morning Easter Morning with their Easter baskets Here are some pictures we took of Carrie in her Easter outfit!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a Masterpiece!!!

Today while I was doing the dishes my little Andrew was bored, so I asked him what he would like to do. His answer was, "Paint! Paint!" And so paint he did... it was very fun to watch him!! He accidently got some paint on his shoulder (which is why I had taken his shirt off before we started), and he didn't like it at first, then decided it was kindof funny. So then he slowly started getting more and more paint on himself, until his entire tummy was covered in paint. He thought it was so funny, and was very proud of himself. After he got the paint on his tummy he kept saying "It tickles!!" So, as it seems, he is his best piece of artwork!! How am I going to hang that up on the fridge?

Andrew enjoying painting
Andrew with paint all over himself and looking proud!!
The cleanup afterwards

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Simple Things...

I have been thinking lately about all of the amazing things I have been blessed with. My husband, my kids, my awesome family (including my in-laws), a warm home, the gospel, just to name a few. The list would go on and on... but sometimes I find myself worrying about things that don't really matter, at least not in the long run, like whether or not my house is clean, money, and the way I look. This week my eyes have been opened to the joys of the simple things in life. As my 6 week old daughter smiles, my heart melts... or when my son says "Thanks Mommy," or my husband gives me a hug. These things are not life changing, and last only a brief second, but are the things that really matter, and really bring happiness. I have learned that my family is my biggest blessing, and I often take that for granted. I am definitely not the perfect wife, or the perfect mother, but I try. And the blessings that I have received for that are countless, and priceless. I love being a mom, and I love my husband for working so hard to allow me to be home with our kids. I have learned more from being a mom than from anything else in my entire life, and I am sure I have much more to learn!! My goal is to live in the moment, enjoy life to the fullest, and recognize the simple things that I am blessed with each and every day.

Friday, March 14, 2008


We had a quiet couple of days, since our little Andrew was not feeling well. Those of you who know him know that he doesn't slow down for anything, so to have him fall asleep on his OWN on the couch is a very rare occurence. Although I don't like to see him sick, it sure is nice to see him sleeping so well for a change!!

It is not unusual, however, to see Carrie sleeping so soundly! (Let's hope that never changes!!)
Whether awake or asleep we love our kids, and think that they are the cutest around!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's About Time!!

We were finally able to leave Logan, and get out of our house!! The fresh air and change of scenery was long over due, and good for the whole family! Andrew was able to play with ALL of his cousins this weekend, on both sides of the family... which is quite the miracle since he has so many, but was exactly what he needed!! And above all... we were able to spend a little bit of time playing outside! Spring is finally on its way!!

Cousins on the Allen side...
and even MORE cousins on the Carpenter side!! If you weren't there to enjoy the show, you can only imagine how tricky it was to get all of these kids to sit for a picture!!

First time trying out a regular swing, and enjoying the warmer weather!!
We went to go see my new little neice, Elyse Elanor (I hope I spelled that right), for the first time, and she is so dang cute!! It was so funny though because both Carrie and Elyse were dressed in the EXACT same outfit!! (totally unplanned... both Kara and I bought the outfit on the clearance rack at Walmart!!) Aren't they cute?
Say CHEESE!! We were just having fun taking pictures of ourselves with the camera! Oh the wonderful things we do to entertain ourselves!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The Carpenter Family!!! We have been very busy recently since the addition of a new family member, Carrie Anne, and we love her so much!! Due to the cold weather we haven't been able to get out much, and are looking forward to sunny skies!! But in the meantime... we do have lots of cute pictures of our little ones. Here are a few. ENJOY!!!

Proud Mom
Carrie sound asleep on my shoulder... I love that!!
The day Carrie was born... Andrew's first time seeing Carrie at the hopital!
My two little sweethearts
Ok, cute story. One day I decided to get Carrie all dolled up, including the bow on her head. When Andrew saw her he was so excited and said, "Oh wow! A present !"
Looking into each other's eyes... they are already bonding!! Absolutely melts my heart