Saturday, May 31, 2008

To scrapbook by hand, or to scrapbook by COMPUTER!!!...

THAT, is the question.
Or at least... MY question.

I have decided to try digital scrapbooking!! There are many benefits to doing it this way... in the long run it is cheaper, and you don't have to store any paper and supplies in your home, which is a DEFINITE bonus if you live in a small place like we do. However, I have been told it is faster, and maybe that is true for someone who knows what they are doing!! Unfortunately, that person is not me. It took me AT LEAST a couple of hours to do one page, but it was fun. And hopefully in time I will be able to put pages together faster. But I am always excited to learn something new, and have been oh so impressed with myself because I have learned everything I know about digital scrapbooking (which isn't a lot) on my own. I have enjoyed scrapbooking for awhile now, especially since having kids, so I am excited to now be a part of the new and improved way of doing things!! A new hobby... aaahh, it feels great. Anyway, here is a sneak peak at how my first page turned out!!!
I have decided, at least for now to just use a regular sized sheet of paper, (rather than the now standard 12x12 size) so that I can just print out the pages at home. We will see how that goes!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Before Andrew goes to sleep, he loves to sit and listen to stories. The other night I was reading a story, and the character in the book said, "Hmmph." (they always use that in books, but who REALLY says hmmph??) But for whatever reason Andrew liked that, and repeated it. I didn't think much about it because he often will repeat something that is said. The next day he was trying to put a belt on his jeans. He got to the back belt buckle, which he couldn't reach. He started to get frustrated; he threw his belt on the ground, sat down and said, "HMMPH!!"

This morning I told Andrew he was funny, and he said "You're funny!" So I told him he was silly, and he said, "You're silly!" I told him he is awesome, and he said, "You're awesome!" I said he rocks, he's cute, he's smart... ect., and he kept responding by telling them back to me. So then I said, "You love your Mommy!" Without even thinking he responded, "You love Daddy!!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

All Smiles...

As always I must say that I have two very awesome kids!! I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to be home and spend so much time with them! I cannot get enough of them, and love so much to watch them learn new things. Andrew is a smart little guy, and I am often surprised by the things that he remembers and says! He is at a very fun age, he gets so excited to play and try new things. Carrie is such a happy baby. She gives lots of smiles, and it melts my heart each and every time!! She is now starting to laugh a little bit as well.

The other day Carrie was lying down on the floor playing, and Andrew got down on the floor with her. He was talking to her about who knows what, but Carrie was listening to every word. She then smiled at him. He stopped what he was saying, and smiled right back at her. It was so sweet to watch these two interact with one another. I cannot thank my Heavenly Father enough for the amazing opportunity I have to be a mother and raise these two beautiful children.

Monday, May 19, 2008

In the Good Ole' Summertime!!...

Let's all say hello to our beautiful summer weather!! I am so excited that we will be able to finally spend some much needed time OUTSIDE!!! We splurged, and bought a double stroller so that we can take the kids on walks... I didn't know how well Andrew would respond to that since he typically likes to walk and push the stroller rather than ride. I don't know if it is just because it is a new stroller, or if it is because now he has a riding buddy, but he LOVES to go for walks, and will sit, without complaining, in the stroller the entire time!! It seems that Carrie enjoys it as well, she just rides a long contentedly.

Andrew and Carrie enjoying the warm sun-shiney rays

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks again, I LOVE THEM!!!

My sweet sweet husband sent me some flowers for Mother's Day. He knew we would be out of town over the weekend, so he had them sent early, I actually received them last Thursday. It has been a week, and look at them, they are still as beautiful as ever!! I absolutely LOVE the different colors, it adds a little bit of life and a Spring-like feel to our home. Thanks again Kevin, I sure do love you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Weekend Away...

We were able to spend our Mother's Day weekend in a cabin up by BEAR LAKE!! It was so fun to escape our home, and spend time together as a family. We had our own cabin, and my parents, sisters and niece stayed in another cabin. I must say that the food was EXCELLENT... we only had the best cook ever, my Dad, the dutch oven master!!! There was a playground nearby, which is where Andrew and his cousin Emma spent most of their time. Amazingly enough both kids slept well... I wasn't too worried about Carrie, but when we sleep anywhere but home, Andrew typically has a hard time. All in all it was a beautiful and relaxing retreat, and exactly what we needed!! I am SO excited that Spring is finally on its way, and look forward to many more fun days in the sun!
This is Andrew getting ready for our VACATION!! He had his jacket on, hood up, with flashlight in hand. He kept saying, "I ready!"

Andrew and Emma in their "house" on the was a mini cabin for the kids to play in

Andrew jumping on a huge inflated "pillow"... Andrew and Emma jumped on this for HOURS. They would get tired, so we would walk back to the cabin... within minutes they would want to go back and jump!! Needless to say we had two very tired kids by the end of the day!

Carrie and Kevin chillin' in the cabin

Andrew LOVES to climb

We took our laptop with us so that we could turn on a movie for Andrew (I know, we really roughed it!!)... halfway during the movie Andrew climbed up on the bed and snuggled in with Kevin. It was too cute!!

The look on Andrew's face sums up the whole weekend...

Friday, May 9, 2008

He's a Dancing KING!!

We recently bought a swing for Carrie that plays different types of music. There is a setting on it that plays fun upbeat types of songs... Andrew has NEVER been big on dancing. When we have tried to get him to dance to music in the past he would say no! He discovered the music that the swing plays, and for whatever reason it just makes him go crazy, and DANCE!!! It is so fun to watch him, and had to get it on video, because who knows how long this little phase will last!! I love my Mr. Dancing King.
Here is Andrew giving you a taste of some of some of his great dancing moves!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN!!! On Saturday my awesome husband graduated from Utah State University from the College of Business, with an Accounting degree!! It is such an exciting thing, and I am extremely proud of him!! It has definitely not been an easy thing to do, especially while working and raising a family... BUT my friends, not impossible. We had a fun filled day with his family who were there to support him. Afterward Kevin's wonderful mother treated us to Logan's famous Bluebird Restaurant...mmm... yummy. Kevin plans to continue on to get a Master's degree, but won't start until next Spring. It will be nice to have a break in between, and I am sure we will enjoy having him home more often!!
Here is the most handsome man at graduation!!... My awesome husband, Kevin! 
The kids are also very proud of their Daddy.
I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on Andrew's face when he first saw Kevin in his graduation garb. He had seen many people walking around in them, and kept pointing and saying, "I wanna see THOSE!" (Thinking the hats and robes were pretty cool). He didn't know his Daddy was wearing the same outfit, so when he saw him, he was very surprised!!!