Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Potty Training 101...

Andrew has been successfully POTTY TRAINED!! He had really been ready several months ago, before Carrie was born, but I didn't want to deal with that with a baby on the way. After Carrie was born I still didn't want to deal with it, so we just kept putting it off! After Andrew turned 3 we felt we had waited more than long enough, so about a month ago we started the process. This is something I have dreaded doing since the day he was born!! The first few days were difficult, we had many accidents, and I constantly wondered how other parents can do this!! However, after only a few days he got better, and the accidents became fewer and fewer. He hasn't had any problems for a couple of weeks now, even through the night!! I am so excited that we made it. There are so many benefits, one including not having to buy any more diapers for him! YAY ANDREW!!

6 Months!!

Wow, its been 6 months that our little Carrie was born. It doesn't feel like it has been that long, and yet I cannot imagine our family without her! She has grown and changed in a lot of ways. She is such a CONTENT, and HAPPY baby. She LAUGHS very easily. She is TICKLISH, and even Andrew knows where to get her. She ROLLS like a pro, getting around the room. Just this week she has started to get up on her KNEES a little bit... I am not ready for a crawler! She loves to EAT, and of course everything she gets her hands on goes in her MOUTH. She has always been an amazing SLEEPER, and usually sleeps a good 7-10 hours at night. She still SUCKS HER THUMB, which in a lot of ways has been a blessing! (We'll see what we think in a few years!) She is getting better at SITTING, but still topples over sometimes. I just love everything about this amazing little girl, and I think she is the most beautiful baby girl around!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

If you're HAPPY and you Know It...

When you have kids people ask you questions all the time about them. I often get asked about Carrie, and what kind of baby she is... happy, sad, mad, ect. She is definitely a HAPPY baby, and we see that more all the time. One of my favorite things is when I go in to get her from her bed when she wakes up, she instantly goes from crying to all smiles and giggles the instant that she sees me.

Andrew likes to go in with me when she wakes up, and this is his new routine... I take her out of bed, then he says, "I wanna pet her." So I kneel down so he can see her, and he pets her on the head. He looks at her face and says, "She's a cute girl!" Then he is off and running back to whatever it was he had been doing. Some days that is the most attention Andrew shows her, but it is very sweet. I love it!!
For your viewing pleasure...
This video is just a small sampling of the fun girl I get to be with everyday! It shows her making all different faces, enjoy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sunday is always a wonderful day to think and reflect on the many things I have been blessed with throughout my life. I am often overwhelmed by the amount of blessings I receive, big and small, and sometimes feel unworthy of them. All the same, I am so very thankful for the life I have, and for the opportunities I have been given. I am so lucky to be a wife and a mother, and want so very much to be the best at both. I want to live my life so that I may be with my family for all eternity, I love them so much! I often take for granted the simple pleasures in life. Time passes so quickly, and I want to remember each moment, and cherish the time I have to spend with family. When my kids are older I want them to look back to their childhood having good memories, and knowing that their mom was always there for them, and I always will be! As I type this, I marvel at my two beautiful children, they are both here with me. This is what I see...

Andrew finishing off his breakfast on my bed,

Carrie sound asleep in her swing.
Each time I hear the words "Luv you Mommy," my heart melts. Their smiles and giggles are so contagious. How could I feel anything but happiness, love, and gratitude when I look into their sweet faces? My family IS my greatest blessing, and I will continue to strive to be the best I can not for me, but for them.


My cute mom and sister came up to stay with us for the weekend. They are two of the greatest people I know, and we love to have them over! Especially since they come they help out so much while they are here. This time we were able to go through closets and whatnot and get rid of a lot of "stuff" that has been piling up... stuff that we never use, and don't need! It feels great to have a clean and much less cluttered home! Thanks mom!

The first night they came we headed over to Willow Park to watch the fireworks. In all pictures that night this is how my sweet husband posed. That is the face that I fell in love with :)

My Mom with Carrie

Now don't be fooled... Andrew did sit and clap and cheer for the fireworks, for maybe, one minute. The rest of the show was spent running around and better yet, RUNNING AWAY. He is so fast, and there were so many people, and it is so dark!! He is a hard one to keep up with, and chasing him in the dark, dodging in and out of people was not my idea of fun. We will think twice next year before we do that again. Carrie on the other hand was fascinated with them. She was very content to sit and watch, so I think we will let her go next year.

A perfect ending to a perfect weekend... Aggie Ice cream!! This was Andrew's first experience with Aggie Ice cream, and it was a good one! He has never been an ice cream fan, and will seldom eat it. I showed him the different flavors, and he saw this delicious blue flavor (Aggie Blue Mint, or something like that). He couldn't finish it all by himself, but he did eat a good amount! Yum!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who loves You?

We have spent the last few days in Salt Lake at my parents house. Andrew loves to be at their home, there is so much to do, and he is spoiled while he is there! We play a game sometimes where I ask him, "Andrew, who loves you?" (usually he will say "Mommy!!")... this time, however, he responded quickly with, "Grandpa!!" Yes, Grandpa Allen does love Andrew, but there is no doubt that Andrew loves him right back. At home he will tell me he wants Grandpa to come and play trains with him, or tell me he wants to go to Grandpa's house. He just loves his Grandpa, and I am okay with that, he couldn't have a better role model.

Andrew and his cousin got a hold of Grandpa's glasses...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

On to Eternity!!!

I was sealed to my best friend 5 years ago today. There are so many reasons why I love my sweet Kevin so much, too many to list them all! I love that I can be myself with him, and we can laugh and joke with one another. We have been there to support one another (probably him more than me!) through the good times, as well as the bad. We have experienced a lot in these last 5 years, and I wouldn't trade a single moment. I have learned a lot about marriage, about families, and more importantly, about myself (not always so fun). But I am so thankful for the times we have shared together, and I look to the future with excited anticipation!! I will always thank my Heavenly Father for sending Kevin to me. I love you Kevin, forever and always.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More toys?

We are in the process of potty training Andrew, and although I must say that he has done great (better than I had expected!!), we do still have 'accidents', which leads to more baths than usual. Andrew had found a bag full of bath toys I had hidden under the bathroom sink, because we have too many. He emptied the entire bag out into the tub with him, and he couldn't have been more pleased with himself. Andrew has always loved to take a bath, but he spent more time in the tub than usual! He is so used to me having the camera out and ready, that he was surprised when I didn't! He said, "Mommy where's the camera? Take a picture of my toys!" So, I did. Do you think he has enough bath toys to play with?

I love this smile... he is just oh so proud of himself
While Andrew was livin' it up in the bathtub, Carrie was going to sleep in her swing. When I went to check on her this is what I found. She fell asleep with her leg on the tray. Does that look comfortable? I couldn't decide.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

aMeRiCaN iDoL...

My dad treated my mom, and my sisters and I with tickets to the American Idol Live concert. We were able to go last night, and we all had a blast!! We have all enjoyed watching this last season on tv, and my mom is the biggest David Archuleta fan I know!! As much fun as it is to watch the show, it was a whole different experience to be there and watch them perform live, and to feel of the excitement from the audience! I have never been to a concert before, so this was all so exciting! I took some pictures of the different performers, but they didn't turn out so great because of all the bright stage lights, but we did get a few fun pictures of us while we were there.

Hangin' out during the intermission... My mom, me, Diana, and Jen!!
My cute Mom and Dad
Cheering on the fave.... GO DAVID!!!
I loved watching my mom's face while he performed, she was so proud of him!
Two of my favorite people, my fun sisters!!
Thanks again Dad for taking us! We couldn't hear anything for awhile afterwards, because of all the screaming and cheering, but it was well worth it!! It was an exciting and fun filled night.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Music to my Ears...

I love watching my kids grow, and I have loved watching them get to know each other and become friends. Carrie is fascinated with her older brother, and watches everything that he does. Andrew came over to me and Carrie today (she was sitting on my lap) and was just in his own little world talking a mile a minute and jumping up and down. Watching him jump made Carrie laugh! Once Andrew realized he was making her laugh, it made him laugh! After that he would jump, jump, jump, take a break to laugh with Carrie, then jump some more. They did this together for several minutes. Hearing my two kids laugh, play, and enjoy being together is the greatest thing!! I am thankful each and every day for the sweet kids they are, and for the love and happiness they bring into my life!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to MY BOY!!!

Andrew turned 3 years old today!!

Here are his birthday cakes... as you can tell, the one above was store bought, and looks much nicer than the one on the right. I kept the Thomas stuff from the first one to use again on another cake... it didn't turn out quite the way I had imagined it, but pretty good for my first cake I suppose! But it tasted good all the same.

Andrew was lucky to have not one, but TWO birthday parties, one with each side of the family. He is so lucky to have a family that loves him so much, and spoils him!! As his Aunt Aubri would say, "All 3 year olds should be spoiled!!" Well, he sure was. He got a lot of fun gifts, and a lot of attention. Thanks everyone for making Andrew's birthday a special one!!!

At Andrew's first birthday party (with the Carpenter fam) while everyone was singing the "Happy Birthday" song. He loved it!! He smiled and laughed through the whole song, it was fun. At this party I would have to say his favorite part was playing on the trampoline with his cousins.

These kids were so excited for the cake! I just thought this picture was cute because they are all surrounding it just WAITING for someone to dish it up!!
I would have to say that at this party Andrew's favorite thing was jumping on the trampoline with his cousins. They played on there for hours!!

His second party was on the 4th of July (with the Allen fam). We started the day off right by going to a parade in Tooele with my sisters.
My mom got a new pool for the kids, and here is Andrew giving it a try. So fun! He loves to play in the water and "swim like a fish!!"

Two of Andrew's favorite people, his cousins Emma and Kalynn

Unfortunately Andrew had a cold, so he was not feeling his greatest. Then after the swimming he got some sunscreen in his eyes. Because he wasn't feeling well, it took us awhile to get around to singing Happy Birthday and having cake. Poor Andrew, he is obviously not as happy here as he was the first time around. You know he is not feeling well when he doesn't want cake, especially the frosting!!
That night we went to see some fireworks. Andrew would occasionally look up, or say "that one was LOUD!!" but most of the time he sat and played with the glow rings my sister gave the kids. But at least by this time he was happier!!I love our Andrew SO much. He has brought so much joy and happiness to my life!! It has been so fun to watch him grow, and I still cannot believe he is already 3!! I love his energy, the funny things he says, and the sweet things he does. I cannot imagine life without you Andrew, and am so glad you are my boy!!