Sunday, November 16, 2008

MONSTER alert...

Andrew is always talking about monsters. Sometimes the monsters are nice, sometimes they are scary, or big, or green... Sometimes they share his toys with him, and they play nicely together. Other times the monsters scare him and chase him around the house. Today there were some 'SCARY' ones lurking in the other room, which just happened to be where Andrew wanted to be. What do you do when there are scary monsters among you? Well, at our house Andrew takes care of that. He ran into the other room and I could hear him yell, "MONSTERS, YOU GO AWAY!!!" I then watched him run up the stairs, chasing the monsters into his bedroom, where he shut the door, trapping them inside. That seemed to have worked... for now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Those Gosh Darn Cute Kids...

I just feel like I have been running around like crazy trying to keep up with life... which is my kids!! They are great kids, but they are both so very busy (one more than the other, I won't mention any names...), but I love them both so so much!!

I LOVE watching my kids play. I love that they can make each other laugh!!!
Andrew was sick yesterday, I don't know if it was a 24 hour flu bug or what, but thank heavens he seems to be feeling better! I know this because he is back to his busy, loud, and destructive self, which always starts bright and early... usually before the sun ever comes up. He does do and say funny things though, he always keeps life interesting!! His new favorite thing to say is "okay... whadever." It always makes me laugh. He has such a wild imagination, I absolutely love to watch him play and listen to the things he says as he plays. Sometimes a good imagination is not always the best thing!! Andrew often gets scared, and lately at night has been scared of the "pretend sharks" in his room... no matter what we do to get rid of those sharks so he can sleep, they always seem to come back!! I love love LOVE this boy!!

Carrie tries so very hard to keep up with her big brother, and I really wish she weren't doing so well at it!! She has started CLIMBING STAIRS!!! She is only 9 months, isn't that too early to be climbing stairs? I don't know, maybe not, but I was really hoping, wishing, and praying that she would wait until she was at least nineTEEN months.

Carrie in action...

Today I kept hearing this weird noise, and I couldn't figure out what it was, or where it was coming from, because when I would get up and try to listen for it it would stop. Well, I finally discovered that the noise was coming from my little Carrie, and she has started to GRIND her teeth!! She has had 2 teeth on the bottom for quite awhile now, but within the last couple of weeks has gotten 2 on the top. I don't remember Andrew doing this, but maybe he did... but once I realized what it was the sound of it just sent shivers down my back. I couldn't stand it!! Carrie has never been a big fan of the binky, she prefers her thumb, We do have a stash of binkies though, so I have her one to chew on so she would stop grinding her teeth!!! I just find it funny because she really doesn't know what a binky is really for!!

This is how Carrie uses a binky...Wrong way, but she loves it!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a fun day on Halloween. The highlight of course, especially for Andrew, was going trick-or-treating!!! We headed over to the mall in the afternoon and took the kids, Andrew could not WAIT!! Since we had gone trick-or-treating at Hogle Zoo only a week or so before, he knew what was involved, and the reward, CANDY!!! This boy has such a sweet tooth, I am not sure where he gets it, haha. Carrie just enjoyed and relaxed in the stroller watching all the kids, and probably wondering what in the world was going on!! It was a lot of fun.

Our little Ballerina, and Bob the Builder

9 Months....

Carrie is now 9 months old, and continues to be the cutest baby girl in the whole world!! She babbles a LOT, and I especially love to hear her say "mama". She has 2 more teeth coming in on the top, and she loves showing off her pearly whites. She crawls like crazy, and cruises around on the furniture... she loves to explore the world around her and is getting better and faster at it. She loves to laugh. When she goes to sleep she still sucks her thumb. She is a fun fun girl!!!
Her new favorite thing to do is make a CHEESY smile, it makes me laugh every time.
What a HAPPY girl she is!!!

Exploring at her grandparents house