Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good News!!

Okay now before any of you get too excited or assume the news might be something that its not... let me get straight to the point! Our good news for today is that we FOUND OUR CAMERA!!! Well actually Andrew found it, he is also the one who found the hiding spot for it. I was in the kids room putting clothes away, and Andrew came in and was playing by me. He pulled out his backpack, and lo and behold... nicely stored in the front pocket was the camera!! (Kevin and I have asked him several times where he put he put the camera, but his response has always been "I don't know..." so frustrating!!) My back is to him, but I hear him say, "Look Mommy, look what I found!!!" I turn around, and he is holding up the camera with a huge smile on his face..."I found Mommy's camera!!" Of course I gave him big high five's...I was so excited! Andrew kept saying "I made Mommy happy!!!!" Although I have missed my camera like crazy the last couple of months... it really was a cute moment I shared with my Andrew when we found it.

So what do you do when you have found your long lost camera??
You take a picture!!!!... my two cute kids!!
See that smile??
Yes, he was very pleased with himself, as was I!!

And one of our growing girl... such a doll!

***NOTICE: There are so many things that have happened and that we have done that I could and should also be posting about... but this made it to the top of the list! So there may be more coming soon!!***

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

that's my boy!!!...

Andrew had been asked to give the talk in primary this last Sunday. He was the first sunbeam they had asked so far this year, and of course this was his FIRST TIME GIVING A TALK!!! We found a talk for him, and I practiced it with him a couple of times at home. I was a little unsure at how he would do when it really came time for primary, but he was actually really excited when I told him he was going to stand up in front of all the kids to tell them a story... and to talk into THE MICROPHONE!! I was sure one of two things would happen.... 1. he would be too shy to say anything, so I would end up giving the talk, or 2. he would just act plain silly!! I am so proud of my little guy, and was surprised at how reverent he sat in front of the primary waiting for his turn to give his talk, he really seemed so grown up. I was impressed with how calm, and clear he was when speaking!! He wasn't too shy, he said all of the lines with no problem, and he didn't act silly at all. He really did a great job!!! I love you Andrew, and I love being able to watch you grow, learn, and experience new things!!!