Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scratch That...

Since I last posted everything has changed!! I told you all we would be staying in Salt Lake and doing the school thing. We are still doing the school thing, but instead in Logan at Utah State!! Yes, we love Logan... and yes, we are back!!! We moved just last weekend, and are still in the long and what seems to be a never ending process of unpacking. BUT... we are happy, and enjoying life, and that is what is most important, right? SO... now that you are all up to date, lets focus on some of the cuteness I get to be a part of every day!!!

This is something that does not happen often... so when it does it needs to be captured!!
There is nothing sweeter than the face of a sleeping child!!

We got Andrew a bike... and boy does he ever love it!!

Our sweet girl enjoying a ride in the wagon.
I could never get enough of this cute face, and her fun laugh!!

Is that face not precious?!?!
What a fun girl she is, we love having her in our family!!!

Swim!! Swim!!

My little Andrew thrives when he is able to get outside and play EVERY day. I know all kids need to get out and play, but it does wonders for Andrew. Yesterday we pulled out the pool and had some good splashing fun. Both kids got their swim gear on, and boy was it a good time!! I am sure there is MUCH more of this to come this summer!!!
A couple brief examples of the swimming excitement that took place... if you can handle it.
These are for you Mom!!!

Andrew is getting more and more freckles on his cute nose. I asked him if I could take a picture of his freckles and he said, "Okay Mommy... whatever." So I propped him up on the table, and this is what I got. He is such a ham, and is always keeping me on my toes. I love those freckles!!

Fly Butterfly, Fly!!!!...

My mom brought home a special surprise for Andrew one day... CATERPILLARS!!! We saw these caterpillars in different stages until they were butterflies. One morning Andrew woke up to see the butterflies in the container on the counter with a note from his grandma... the note told him to take the butterflies outside and let them fly free!! When I told Andrew about this he was so excited. SO... outside we did go, and fly free the butterflies did!! It was a fun thing to do with the kids!! Thanks mom for this little adventure!!

Andrew waiting patiently... of course he is prepared with cookie in hand

Carrie getting a good look at those butterflies

After letting the butterflies go, one landed on the grass nearby. Andrew had a fun time chasing them through the yard and watching them until they flew away for good.