Sunday, June 7, 2009

Following the Leader...

The greatest thing about being a mom is watching my kids interact. Now that Carrie is getting a little older, they are starting to play more, and it is so fun to watch!! They are always making each other laugh, and once one laughs the other does, and before you know it we all are! I love love LOVE my kids, and the joy they bring into my life!! Carrie watches everything that Andrew does, and loves to imitate him. This video is just one example of her following her brothers example!! They did this for quite a while together.... noisy!!! They would pause and both laugh and laugh and do it some more, it was great!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

RIDE on...

outThere is quite a large crack that runs through the middle of our back patio. Today Andrew was outside playing and discovered that he could "pretend" to ride his bike... hopefully the video will explain what I mean when he says he is "pretending to ride his bike." He was on and off of his bike for a good couple of hours doing this, it was great!! Still getting the exercise benefit, but perfect for a small space!!