Sunday, August 30, 2009

i LOVE to see the Temple...

What a great Sunday!! Today Carrie went to her Nursery class for the first time, and she did really well!! I stayed with her for a little while for her to get settled, then I snuck out. Unfortunately I am not a very good sneaker outer, because she saw me. When she saw me leave she gave out a huge scream and started to cry. Luckily she has great Nursery leaders. I watched through the window as one of the leaders rushed over to pick her up, and she immediately stopped crying. I checked on her a little while later and the same Nursery leader was hauling her around, but no tears. When I went to pick her up after our meetings she was sitting at a table with other kids playing with play dough as happy as could be. They said she did very well. Hurray!!! I must admit as I sat through Sunday School and Relief Society I felt like something was missing, and in fact I will miss having her with me... but I am glad that she did so well today. Hopefully that will continue!!!

After church today we decided to take the kids to see the Temple. We are so lucky to live so close to the Temple, literally a few minute drive from our home, we could walk there easily. We walked around the grounds, looked up to see how tall it is, looked at the beautiful flowers... We didn't stay long, but I want my kids to know what the Temple is. We were lucky enough to go this spring as a family to the Draper Temple open house. Andrew remembered that, and wanted to go inside the Logan Utah Temple as we had done. I explained briefly why we were not able to do that. I hope for my kids to someday be able to go inside the Temple, that they may be sealed for eternity to their future spouses and families. I am so very thankful for the many blessings the Temple provides.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of PREschool...

After we moved to Logan I had a hard time getting a hold of preschools and finding one that wasn't full, or that wasn't crazy expensive. I kind of got discouraged and gave up. Although when I would think about it I would get a knot in my stomach, I just felt that Andrew would really benefit from going to preschool, and that it is something that he is more than ready for, and that he needs!!! So one Sunday night, a couple of weeks ago, I prayed and decided that the next day I would pull out the phone book again and call all the preschools I could find in Logan. So in the morning I pulled out the phone book, and started my calls. The first place I called I asked if they had any openings, and they answered, "Yes"... I was surprised. So then I asked how much it would be. When she told me I was amazed... it was in the price range we had been hoping for, and it would be 3 days a week. Even though I had really hoped to find something, I didn't expect it to be that easy, I had made several phone calls before with no success!! It was perfect, and I have no doubt it was an answer to prayer.

Today was Andrew's first day, and boy was it a great day!!! I know every day is a great day in the life of a Mommy... but today was especially good. Andrew doesn't like to eat... but I told him he needed to eat all of his cheerios so he wouldn't get hungry at preschool. He ate every last bite and drank all of his milk, then got himself dressed. I asked him if he would like to take his backpack with him to school, and he said "I can take it with me? I can??" I tell you... SO excited!!! We drove to the preschool and I took him inside. He was a little timid, but happy. When I walked out to the car I looked up and saw him in the window watching me... at first I couldn't tell what his expression was, and I was worried that he was sad. NOPE... he had the biggest smile on his face and was waving to me and Carrie. What a cute boy I have!!! When I went to pick him up he was so excited to see me and to tell me about his teacher and his time at preschool!! As we walked to the car I told him that he would get to go again in a few days. He responded, "I do?"

I am so excited for Andrew to be able to get out of the house, learn new things, interact with other kids, and have something to look forward to each week. I am also looking forward to the one-on-one time I will get with Carrie during this time. I love both of my kids, and I love watching them grow, learn, and to experience new things!!! I am so thankful that we have been given this opportunity, and am amazed at the blessings we receive as a family.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

the LAKE of the BEARS...

Earlier this week we were able to spend some time at Bear Lake. I have wanted to go all summer, but with Kevin being so busy with school and work it just had not happened. When I told Andrew where we were going he was so excited (and I'm not gonna lie... so was I)!! Kevin was able to take the day off of work, and it was nice to have the whole day with him and my little family. My sister Diana also came, and we had so much fun!! When we first got there I was worried that it was too cool... but it soon warmed up. The kids enjoyed playing in the sand, splashing in the water, running around, and chasing the seagulls. Kevin took Andrew out into the lake to swim... Andrew especially loves to get rides on Kevin's back. It was a perfect day, and was very relaxing!! I loved being with my family and watching them enjoy themselves and have the freedom to run and play.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First you take the peanuts,

And you crunch 'em, You crunch 'em....

Our Andrew has never been a big eater, as much a I wish he was, and as hard as I have tried to teach him to be.... he just isn't. I must admit because of this, he is often spoiled and catered to... (he doesn't get everything he wants... if that were the case he would have chocolate chip cookies and milk 3 meals a day). This morning when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast he said he wanted a peanut butter sandwich!!! Yay!!! His answer is usually, "I don't want to eat anything!!" (and once he decides he doesn't want to eat, it is almost impossible to get him to eat!! May I say stubborn?!? Not sure where he gets that...) ...and then we go through the process of me trying to talk him into eating something. He chose a peanut butter sandwich, something to eat that is actually wholesome and will fill him up, I can do that!! So I made both him and Carrie a peanut butter sandwich, and they enjoyed them together.

What are they both looking at?? Some good early morning PBS!!!
... and one with Carrie saying, "teeeeese!!" while giving a great big cheesy smile!

Monday, August 10, 2009

... i get it...

Andrew loves his little sister... he especially loves to PESTER his little sister. This morning he was busy doing just that, and I got after him and told him that he needed to be nice. His response was, "OH, instead of being NAUGHTY?!?" Do you think he could finally be catching on??

Happy Happy Birthday Grandma Dear!!!

This weekend I took the kids and we spent the weekend at my parents house. On Saturday we had a birthday for my Grandma Hekking, and my parents and all of my siblings were there. I love it when my family gets together, they are my favorite people in the whole world!! It is fun to see all the kids play together, and to catch up with everyone.

Grandma Hekking with all of her great grandkids on our side of the family
The kids and I traveled home Sunday afternoon. After a long hot drive (we don't have air conditioning in our car) we were glad to be home in Logan where it was nice and cool. Andrew put his pillow on the couch to relax... Carrie thought that was a great idea and climbed up right next to him.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pass the CHEEESE... please...

Our little Carrie Anne is full of life, has so much energy, but is also very easy going. She loves to laugh, and we love to laugh with her!! She also loves to give lots of hugs and kisses, which we are always willing to receive!! She loves her older brother.... she follows him around everywhere imitating him and wanting to do whatever it is he is doing. One of my favorite things as of late is when I lay her down to change her diaper she will plug her nose and say "Stinky!!"... always makes me laugh. Amazing how even at a young age kids have so much personality!!! I love her to pieces... and I especially love being greeted with her cheesy squinty-eyed smiles each morning!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

... how we spent our Pioneer Day...

We had a very fun 24th of July weekend. My sister and her daughter Emma came up to Logan for the weekend, my other sister lives in Logan, so we all spent the weekend together. The kids played and played, we ate good food, did some fireworks... all in all in was a good time, I loved it!!! The kids spent hours playing in the water. It was so much fun to watch them, and even better it wore them all out and they slept great that night!!!