Friday, November 20, 2009

i SEE the signs...

In the last little while Carrie has really started to talk, picking up new words and phrases. I have been trying to also teach her some signs. I love this stage so much, every new word is exciting, and they pick up and learn new things so quickly!! So this is just a quick little clip to help me remember her doing a few of the signs she has learned!! She is a mess in the video, having just finished downing some delicious chocolate pudding... but that's my girl!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Colors of the Rainbow...

It was just another ordinary day here in the Carpenter household, and I decided we needed to do something a little out of the ordinary. Nothing too wild or crazy, and it needed to be something quick, simple, and fun for the kids. I am not the most creative person, and the best that I could come up with that met all of the above criteria was finger paints!! It had been a long time since they had been used, and this was also Carrie's first experience finger painting!! Both Andrew and Carrie had a good time, and were good about sharing. Oh how I love it when an activity I plan with my kids actually turns out!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

trying to REMEMBER...

Time flies too quickly, and I am reminded of this constantly when watching my kids!! There are phases they go through, and things that they do that I tell myself I will always remember, but have learned that if not written down, I don't!!! So this post is more for me to help in remembering some of the things they are doing these days.

Andrew Jon:
~Andrew is a very very busy guy. Within the last 6 months or so I have watched him mature and mellow (not completely of course, but it is noticeable!!) He went through a phase where he was extremely destructive, and he seems to have passed that. YAY!!!

~Since starting preschool he has turned into quite the polite little man... he is so much better about using his please and thank you words, and says them like he means it!! He also gets excited about things, and looks forward to things (such as preschool or story time). He can still be a shy guy, but is slowly growing out of that a little.
~He has started to pretend, about everything... being different people, animals, and making up different situations.
~He loves letters!!! He has always loved to listen to stories... but now he knows his letters and their sounds, he has started to read. He can sound out words and I often will find him writing... he will sounds out words and spell them on his own... not always correct, but the best that he can. Writing words is one of his favorite things to do. Today he was writing the word 'pancakes', and spelled it 'pancax'. Creative spelling, but it amazes me how he has picked up on this so quickly! Right now his favorite books to read (and that he can read on his own) are: "The Foot Book," and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." I love to listen to him read, and to help him learn new words! He has also started to make up his own stories about the things he does or the things he sees around him. What a great imagination he has!!!
~He is addicted to games!!! Andrew absolutely loves to play games on the computer, and on the Wii. Kind of crazy, I never knew that my kids would be into that at such a young age. It is probably not the best thing, and will reflect negatively on my parenting skills... but nonetheless it is something that Andrew loves. His current favorite is to go to where they have many games for young kids! He actually learns a lot from them.
~One morning I was getting the kids loaded and buckled into the car. It had been raining outside. Andrew said, "Mommy, did you know that Heavenly Father gives us rain? He loves us." Amazing the things our children can teach us!!!
~Today Andrew was playing and I overheard him say, "I gotta be strong!!! Oh wait... I AM strong, I am four!!!
~He is constantly talkin
g to himself... he asks himself questions, tells himself what he is doing and why, he argues with himself, and he makes himself laugh!! I find his little conversations amusing, and love to hear him chit chatting in the next room knowing he is in there alone. Makes me smile every time.
~I tell Andrew I love him, often. Each and every time he will respond, "I love you too, Mommy." Each and every day there are times that Andrew will come up to me and say, "Guess what Mommy"... I say, "what?!?", and he says, "I love you." I know that this little tradition won't last forever, so I will cherish it while it lasts!!!

Carrie Anne:

~Just like her older brother, Carrie is a very busy girl!! She doesn't sit still for long, and is always on the go. She is a happy and content girl, just busy. I never thought I would see the day that I wasn't constantly chasing or getting after Andrew... Carrie has now filled that spot. When I am loading the dishwasher it is now Carrie that is there unloading. When I am trying to put the fold the laundry or put it away it is now Carrie unfolding or pulling things out of the drawers. As frustrating as that can be... I try to remember that these things are good!!! She is learning where things go... and she is learning to explore the world around her.
~She is a mover and a groover!! I love to watch her dance, she gets a little wild and crazy. She loves to bob her head back and forth... but she does not do just little bobs, she does very large bobs. It is hilarious to watch, and her wild hair goes everywhere, she flails her arms... it is quite fantastic!!
~Carrie also loves books... and she now loves to color!! I have to be so careful, because she will find crayons, go to the bookshelf, and color her books. Any book is a coloring book to Carrie.
~Last Christmas Carrie was given a doll. Within the last couple of weeks she has finally taken a liking to that doll, and carts it around with her. It also sleeps right by her when she goes to bed. She reads stories to the doll, she buckles her doll into the highchair to feed it, she puts the doll to sleep... oh how I love having a little girl!!
~Carrie's vocabulary is growing. What probably sounds like mumbling to the rest of the world is words to me. I cannot understand everything she says, but there are more and more words and phrases that she speaks.
~The other night before Carrie went to bed she wanted a snack. I was sitting at the kitchen table with her when she folded her arms, bowed her head and started to say a prayer. I couldn't understand what she was saying... but then I asked her if she would like some help, and she nodded. So I prompted her, and she was able to say most of the things I said, and ended with a good 'Amen'. She then gave several prayers just on her own, but ended each time with Amen.
~Last night Kevin was on the floor playing trains with the kids. Carrie kept going over to Kevin and rubbing his head. She would then cock her head and look at him close, face to face, then give him a big kiss right on the lips. She did this more than once. I just love watching the kids with Kevin... there is no doubt that these kids love their Daddy!!!!
~Carrie can count to three. I love her cute little voice when she talks. When she counts she says, "One... Two... THREEEEEE!!!" and holds out the three. It is so so cute.
~Of course I don't like to see Carrie get hurt... I do love however, that when she does get hurt, or if she is sad, that she will run and find me. She lets me hold, hug, and squeeze her. She doesn't hold still for long, so when she does I take advantage of it and hold her as long as she will let me. I love when she comes up to me and says "hugs" and gives me a big squeeze, or comes to me with her lips ready for a kiss.
~Carrie has always been a good eater... willing to try just about anything, and likes almost everything. She wants to eat everything, and usually eats a lot!!! When she eats or takes little bites she will often say, "Mmmmm"... I hear her say this all throughout the day, but I love it. Good to see her eating (especially since her older brother has always been picky and quite frankly opposed to eating), but also good to know that she is enjoying her food.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


We took our kids in to get their pictures taken... not an easy task to accomplish!! Andrew was more goofy than I had anticipated, and Carrie was scared. The combination of the two made it difficult, but we are happy with what we were able to get!! I know, I know, I have two of the cutest kids around... you don't have to remind me!!!
Andrew Jon~4 Years Old

Carrie Anne~21 Months

some of the many shots that were taken...

...and just because these were two of my favorite shots of the day...
Daddy consoling his little girl

Friday, November 6, 2009

pretty brown-eyed girl...

Andrew goes to preschool three days a week. While he is away, Carrie and I get to play... just the two of us. It is pure bliss, and I love this one on one time that I get to spend with her. She is growing up too quickly, but I love watching her learn new things!! She is such an amazingly happy and fun-loving girl. She is always doing things that make me laugh, and I love that she also laughs at herself!! There is so much personality packed into her small body!!