Monday, November 29, 2010


Over the weekend my sister was nice and offered to take our kids sledding while Kevin and I got some Christmas shopping done.

The kids had a blast in the snow!! 

She took a few pictures for me too.... :)

....The kiddos with their cousin Emma....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Moving is hard.  

It has been an adjustment for all of us. 

I especially worried about Andrew having to move and start at a new school. He loved his other school... the teacher, the activities, his friends. I felt like a bad mom making him move. I went through the same thing when I was in elementary school... I remember it being scary, and in some ways hard. However, I also felt good about what we were doing, getting a home, and settling down somewhere. Needless to say the first week of school for Andrew was hard. He is now in his third week, and things seem to be going much better. His teacher has worked with Andrew and gone out of her way to help him feel welcome, accepted, and a part of the class. A mom couldn't ask more from a teacher!! He is making friends and is right back where we left off... LOVING school

Can't you just hear the sigh of relief?? 
Andrew's Kindergarten picture... I sure love that face!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

{first snow...}

of the season!!!
We certainly have loved having our own FENCED backyard!!! The kids loving going out there to play, and I love sending them out!! Definitely a win win if you ask me. :)

Andrew couldn't get outside fast enough to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

{trick or.... treat?}

Today my mom and dad came out to the house to visit. We went with my sister Jen, her husband Ron, and their daughter Emma to go trick-or-treating down Main Street here in Tooele.

...the 3 kiddos costumed up and ready to go...

...silly faces....

...walking down Main Street with Grandma...

...Emma and Carrie...

Friday, October 29, 2010

{lasts and firsts...}

Today was Andrew's last day of school at Rosamond Elementary. He loved his teacher Mrs. Rizer, and made a lot of good friends in his class. He will miss it, but is excited to move and start a new kindergarten class. His class had a Halloween party today, he has been talking about this party for weeks!! What a great way to end a great experience. We are so proud of this boy. :)
Andrew in his Mario costume
and one with the mustache.
our best attempt of the three of us :)
the first time putting on her costume she didn't really like it...

After Andrew was done with school or the day we headed to Salt Lake to visit Kevin at work. They had trick-or-treating for the employees kids. Both Carrie and Andrew had a blast. In the end Carrie ended up with at least twice as much candy because at each desk she would grab a handful. TOO CUTE!! It was fun to meet some of the people Kevin works with in such a relaxed environment.

loading up on some goodies...
can you tell she is pleased with herself??

This was also a very big and exciting day for the Carpenter family. This was the day we officially moved in and starting living in our new home in Tooele. We love our new home. What a huge blessing!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{good time...}

My Dad has been taking a college computer class. Tonight is one of our last nights for us to live in my parents' home, so he decided to skip out of his class and spend the time with Andrew and Carrie. He showed up with two large pumpkins to carve and apple cider. The kids had a fun time designing the faces to carve and be involved. They were very proud of the results. I am so thankful to have a mom and dad that love me, would do anything for me, and also love my little family. They have been so good to us while we have been in their home. They have also helped in SO many ways to get us into our home. We love and appreciate them so much!!

...whatever Andrew does, Carrie does...

...these kids sure love their Grandpa Allen...

...and their Grandma Allen...

...just a little silliness...

...beautiful Carrie...

...cheeeesy Andrew...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{the boss...}

A conversation I overheard today...

Carrie (to Andrew): "thank you Mom"

Andrew: "I am not Mom, I am ANDREW!!.. 
and I am bigger than you,
 so that means I am the BOSS! 
Mom and Dad are bigger than me, 
so they are the boss of me."

I am glad he realizes that.... now if only he would really listen when I talk to him!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

celebrate good times... come on!!!

My parents recently had their kitchen remodeled. My Grandma and Grandpa Naylor wanted to come over to see the changes, so we turned it into a night of fun. They ended up staying for dinner and just hanging out. My Grandpa's birthday is on the 30th, so we decided to throw in a birthday celebration in there as well. I love my grandparents, it is always fun to see them. The kids had fun playing with them as well. What great people they are!!!


and... blowing out the birthday candles!!

home sweet home...

We closed on our house on Friday, and yesterday we were able to get the keys. It is official... we have a house!!! We are beyond excited, but I know I am also at the point of being overwhelmed with how to get everything done so we can move in. We want to paint all of the walls, get the carpets cleaned, ect., before we move in. We are not in a rush, as we are living with my parents, so that part is nice. We drove out to Tooele last night to show the house to the kids. They were so excited!! We all are, and it was fun to share it with them. My parents also came out to see it, and Jen came over also. What an exciting thing, and a huge step for our family!! There was a time that I never thought this would really happen, and I can't help but feel extremely blessed.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Since we bought a home in Tooele we have spent a lot of time driving back and forth from Riverton to Tooele. We have been working on our home before actually moving in. One night we were all in the car together driving back to my parents home. The kids were in the back seat talking and laughing. When I looked back they were holding hands and singing a song. I just happened to have the camera, so I quickly snapped a shot. It is the best feeling in the world to see your kids getting a long and having fun. What a lucky mom I am!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

must. hide. SCISSORS!!!

Earlier this week Andrew was in my parents bathroom and came across some hair cutting scissors. I had given him a haircut over the weekend, but I guess he decided it wasn't enough. He decided to give himself a little haircut. In reality what he ended up with is stripes on his head and a nice large bald spot. I then tried to make it look better, but really just made it worse, so I stopped. The silver lining I found in this was that one: at least he didn't get hurt, and two: at least it wasn't Carrie's hair!!!

Today I was in the basement at my parents home busily working on laundry. Carrie decided she wanted to brush her teeth, and was in the bathroom. I went by the hallway to get another laundry basket and peeked into the bathroom to see Carrie. I instantly gasped. I could see long strands of hair on the ground. I walk in.... she instantly freezes, scissors still in her hand. She knew what she had done was wrong, and felt so bad. She kept hiding her face, not wanting to look at me, afraid she was in big trouble. She didn't get in "big trouble," but we did have a nice chat about it. She is such a sensitive girl, already felt bad, so I didn't need to do anything more. My sweet beautiful girl.... now has a large bald spot on the front of her head matching her brothers. I was upset with Andrew's, but his will grow in in a week or so and not be noticeable. She has long think hair.... her bald spot unfortunately is VERY noticeable. I have loved having a little girl, and I absolutely love her thick dark hair. Although there is still a silver lining here..... at least she didn't get hurt... it is still sad to me!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

plain tuckered...

Andrew refused to eat what I made for dinner tonight. Unfortunately this is a common occurance, and something I would like to change!! So I put my foot down and told andrew he would eat his dinner or get nothing to eat at all. He was not happy about this and decided to throw a very large fit. So I put him in time out at the top of the stairs. He was waling, screaming, crying... so I told him when he was quiet I would come back and we would talk. This went on for several minutes until at last.... there was quiet. I went back, as promised, to talk to him, and this is what I found....
Andrew sound asleep right where I left him.
 He was obviously exhausted. 
When he woke up... he still refused to eat his dinner.
Do I get an "A" for effort?? I hope so.

Monday, September 20, 2010

finally came out...

First thing Sunday morning Andrew came in, excited as could be, to tell Kevin and I that his tooth had finally fallen out!! It had been loose for a while, really loose for a couple days. He was so excited to show it to us. That night we tucked it safely under his pillow so that the tooth fairy could come to get it. The tooth fairy did come, and left his 4 quarters. Saying he was thrilled would be an understatement. :) He was so proud he lost his tooth, and has loved showing the "hole" in his mouth where the tooth was. 

Yesterday was Audrey's baby blessing. I was able to go with Carrie, and it turned out to be a lovely day with family. Kevin went with Andrew to see his oldest brother Jon ordained a High Priest. He has been called to be on the High Council in his stake. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

I love my kids.

That is just a fact.
I really honestly and truly believe that they are the coolest kids, and feel so lucky that I get to be their mom. Are they perfect? Definitely not. Do they try my patience? Every day. That doesn't take away one single bit how much I love and adore them. They are my biggest challenge, but they also bring me the greatest joy.     
Yesterday the kids and I we were playing outside in the sandbox. Both Andrew and Carrie were content digging, building, and playing in the sand. One of those -ahhhh- moments where life just feels good. As they were playing Andrew decided that he would like to build a cake in the sand. He then told me, "Mom, this cake is for you!!" Oh how sweet. :) Once he had the "cake" made, he went off to explore the yard for something to use as candles to put on top of the cake. He came back with 5 wood chips. He placed the wood chips carefully on the cake, then pretended to "light" the candles. He then sang the "Happy Birthday" song to  me. I blew out the candles, after making a wish of course. He then sliced up the cake, and the kids and I devoured that cake. I told Andrew it was the most delicious cake I had ever had. It even had extra frosting, just the way I like it. :)

I am home with my kids each and every day, ALL day long. You would think that I would have a lot of those -ahhhh- moments. I am usually too busy being distracted by life. One of my goals is to actually have more of these moments. How do I do that? Spend more time with my kids. Not just "being" there, but spending real quality time with them. Get on the floor and play with them, talk to them, spend time reading stories, and using our imaginations. This can only be a good thing. Not just for them, but for me as well!! I want to be a good mom. I want that more than probably anything else in this world. I want my kids to know that their mother loves them, and as they grow older feel that, but also know that I love them enough to spend time with them. Time is precious. This is something that I am learning. These years with my kids will be gone before I am ready, but I know that it will be my biggest regret if I don't take full advantage of this time I have been given with them. 

On a side note: Andrew is always saying things that make me laugh. 
This is a conversation I had with him this morning.... 
We are getting ready to leave the house, and Andrew finds me in my room getting ready.
Andrew: Mom, do you know where my shoes are??
Me: I think you put them on your bed.
Andrew starts out of the room to go look where I had suggested, but stops in the doorway...
Andrew: Hey mom, thanks for the information.  :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

for the memory...

Today I was in playing the piano (one of the perks of living with the parents), and Andrew came in and sat on the couch to listen. He asked me, "Are you playing 'I am a Child of God?'" I told him that indeed I was (I was playing Marvin Goldstein's arrangement). To that he responded, "Sweeet." That sure put a smile on my face!! :) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What did we do today??

We got to have a visitor... and a very cute one at that!!

My brother's little girl Elyse came over today to play for a while. She is so cute, and both of my kids were excited to have her here. They spent most of their time playing outside: jumping on the trampoline, playing cars, chasing each other, and laughing... a lot. Elyse is big into "friends" (or at least she was today), and kept saying, "Andrew is my friend," or "Carrie is my friend." I am glad to know she thinks of Andrew and Carrie as her friend, because I know that they think of her, (and all of their cousins) as their friends.
COUSINS make the BEST friends!!!
-Elyse and Carrie sharing an Otter Pop moment-

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


While at my parents house the kids spent a lot of time sitting at the kitchen table making designs with these shapes. They have started playing more together, and having more of an actual conversation. It is fun to watch them play and interact with one another. It helped Carrie with her speech, as well as learning shapes and colors!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Headed Outdoors...

We lived at my parents' home for a couple of months after Kevin graduated so he could start his new job in Salt Lake, and before we could move into our new home. We appreciate my parents letting us do that. We had a good time there, and the kids enjoyed having some much deserved and needed freedom to play outside!! Here are some random pics enjoying the outdoors. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

First day...

of Kindergarten!!
-Andrew waiting to go into his classroom-

Andrew has had the opportunity to see his teacher a couple of times already this week, but today was the first day of school. He goes in the afternoon, which I think will turn out to be better than I had originally thought. It gives us some time to hang out in the morning, get ready for the day without being rushed, have lunch... then off to school. This morning Andrew was very excited. We live close to the elementary, so we were able to walk. He pushed Carrie in the stroller almost the whole way there... he told me he needed a break, and asked me to push her. Before we could continue, however, he had to show me his muscles, because he said pushing her that distance had made him even stronger!!!

When we got there Andrew was a little timid and unsure. We were there in plenty of time, but there were already other kids playing on the playground with their parents there waiting. After a couple of minutes he decided he was brave enough to go play, which he did, and had a lot of fun. When it came time to go into the classroom there was a mad rush to the door, both kids and parents alike. Knowing that Andrew can be easily overwhelmed, I decided to let Andrew play until it died down. We then walked to the door, gave him a hug and told him goodbye. He looked back at me, unsure, because several of the other parents had gone into the classroom with their kids. I reassured him, and told him he was okay, and he happily went inside. I saw him hang up his backpack, and head to his seat. Feeling satisfied Carrie and I left and walked back home. When we picked him up from school he was happy, but tired. I think that school is going to wear this boy out, and today was short day!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

a little distraction...

Just a quick sample of what the kiddos have been doing 
while Mom is busy trying 
(or at least thinking about) 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

birthday boy...

Where does the time go?!?

We are so excited to be celebrating Andrew's birthday today. It is kind of a bitter sweet feeling for me of course... excited he is growing and getting to experience new things, while at the same time wishing I could slow down time.

In honor of this awesome little man on his special day I thought I would take a quick walk down memory lane to see how he has changed and grown over the past 5 years...






Andrew has actually been celebrating his birthday on and off for a few days now, what a great birthday it has been!!!! Since today is his actual birthday I will focus on that. To start his birthday off right Kevin surprised Andrew with his favorite breakfast... cinnamon rolls. He then got to go to swimming lessons (and show off his new goggles), then just chill at home and wait patiently for Kevin to come home from work. We then ate dinner (he chose empanadas). Kevin made a map of our home, and had Andrew follow the map to find his presents, he loved doing that. Then we had some cake... and opened presents!! 
Andrew is such an energetic and smart boy. He learns new things quickly!! He is a wiz on the computer, and we have recently had to put parental controls on our computer because he has now learned to google!!! (His favorite thing to google is super mario brothers). He loves to run, ride his bike, jump on the trampoline, and now swim. He tells me regularly that when he grows up he wants to play basketball!! He is always coming up with his own games, drawing them out on paper. He loves to write, read, and do math. He is a great brother. Andrew has a fun personality, and one of the best laughs around. He specializes in being goofy and telling jokes. When he finds something funny he says, "that's silly." 
We love you Andrew....