Saturday, June 18, 2011

{let's have s'more fun!!!}

Life has been a little crazy-busy around here, and yesterday we were able to relax and have some family time. It was fabulous. 

A few highlights of our day:

**Andrew finally decided he wanted to learn to ride his bike without training wheels... he got the hang of it right away. 

It came so easily to him, so I told him that he should have tried that a long time ago (he has been scared until now to give it a good try), and he told me, "Yeah, I should have tried that yesterday!!" :)

**Carrie has finally mastered pedaling...

**We built a fire in the backyard (which you can see happening in the background in the last video), and made some s'mores.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{fish lessons}

Andrew and Emma have been taking swimming lessons, or as I would tell them... fish lessons. They are both on their way to being awesome little fish, because they both passed the level that they were on. 

These were taken one day while waiting for their lessons to start...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{all things pink...}

My younger sister Diana had a sweet red-headed baby girl...

They named her Sadie Ann.

I met my older sister Jen and my parents in Salt Lake, and we all drove up to Logan together to visit Diana at the hospital, and to meet baby Sadie. :)

All I can say is... she is a DOLL, and I can't wait to visit them again!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Do you see those purple flowers that are behind Carrie?!? Just imagine them all in full bloom... they are covering all our flower beds in the front yard, and they are so BRIGHT. It may be silly, but these flowers make me so happy and I look at them every time I pull into our out of our driveway. I especially love them because they are so easy to take care of, I just have to cut them back once in a while, and they bloom from early spring until it gets cold in the fall. Perfect!!