Friday, November 30, 2012

{thankful november}

We had a lot of fun in November. We were able to spend a lot of time with family, and of course as happens during the holidays, time seems to speed up!

Here are just a couple of photos from November:
Mom with Matthew
LOVE hanging out with my little man!
Carrie insisted on going outside to play in the snow one night
Carrie and Brylee at the fire station
...preschool field trip...
Our sweet happy boy. 5 months old!!
Brylee and Carrie playing dress-up
"Don't we look beeeautiful?!"
Yup, he's still cute. He's still sweet as can be. And he's still happy. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


The kids got their school pictures back...

I can't believe how big and grown up they each look!

LOVE them.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Quick update on Matthew...

I took him to the doctor again yesterday to be weighed. He was up almost a whole pound.
He has taken to the bottle with no problems. He is hungry, he has some catching up to do, but now we just have to watch and wait for his weight to continue to go up. We will go again in 2 weeks to make sure he is still gaining. We have increased how much formula he gets, and he loves to eat so much that I think he will do fine. 

Hurray for a happy, healthy baby!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

{always thankful}

There are so very MANY things that I am grateful for. The last year and a half or so I have been learning a lot about what is really important in life. I have learned to be more thankful for the things I have, and to recognize blessings, big and small, when they are received. I know I still have a lot to learn in that area, but I am better able to see the helping hand of my Father in Heaven from day to day.

Today I am especially thankful for my sweet little family, and I know that my Heavenly Father is constantly watching over us, and helping us through this thing we call life. It is not always easy! But I know that we are never alone. What an amazing thing it is to have that knowledge. As a mother it gives me great comfort. I am thankful for the sweet testimonies of my children, and love when they share them with me. They teach me so much!

This week I am thankful for our newest addition, Matthew, and what a difference he has made in our family. He has had a calming influence in our home.

A couple of days ago I took him to see his doctor for his 4 month check-up. When the nurse weighed him she said he weighed 10 pounds and some odd ounces. I stopped and said, "Did you say 10 pounds?" Sure enough. He had been over 12 pounds at his 2 month check-up. He lost 2 pounds? That can't be good. She double checked to make sure it was correct. I knew that it would be. I had been concerned that they would tell me he wasn't gaining enough weight, but I never thought that he was actually losing weight. I had been nursing him exclusively, and thought that things were going well with that for once. I was wrong. The doctor was surprised I was taking the news so well, and we talked about what I need to do to increase his weight. He measured in the 2nd percentile. He was a BIG baby when he was born, weighing 9 lbs 10 oz, and now at 4 months he was weighing less than a pound more than that. That can't be good. I was disappointed with myself, but not completely surprised. I had already felt like he wasn't gaining like he should, and I have had nursing problems with my other kids. Matthew didn't show me the typical "hunger signs". He seemed content, so I just continued on, assuming that all was well. Nursing has caused me a lot of stress, tears, disappointment, and anxiety with each baby. I tend to put way too much pressure on myself. It shouldn't be that way. I won't let it be that way this time. I have already decided Matthew, from here on out, will be a formula baby. For the first time I am happy about this decision. I am not going to make myself crazy taking herbs or pumping between feedings to try to increase milk supply. I don't have the time or emotional energy to put myself through that a third time, with little or no results. It is not worth it for me. I have felt guilty in the past when I couldn't nurse, feeling like I was a bad mom. That is just plain silly. I know that this is the right thing for both Matthew and I. I am thankful that other than his weight, Matthew is a healthy baby. We can get his weight up. He LOVES to eat. It feels good to be able to express my thoughts and feelings about this. I feel better now. :)

He is now taking formula, and he is loving it. In fact, he is thriving. 

In the day and a half he has been having formula, my already happy boy has been giving even MORE smiles, laughs, and coos. He has more energy, and is even lifting his head up and rolling over during tummy time. The last couple of nights he has gone back to sleeping through the night. 
I feel bad that he wasn't getting enough to eat, without me even realizing it. I am glad and thankful that I now know, so that I can do something about it. I am thankful for a supportive and understanding doctor who is working with me, and making sure Matthew gets what he needs. 

I would do absolutely anything for my baby. 

Matthew will be going back to see the doctor tomorrow. He will be weighed again to see how he is progressing. I am confident that he is doing better!

I love my little guy so very very much!