Saturday, August 31, 2013

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...enjoying a movie before bed...
 ...pulling his best Darth Maul face.. pretty mean and scary if you ask me!... 
(done at a work party for Extra Space)
 ...she wanted something pretty...'s pickins...
 ... Canned green beans: check. Canned spaghetti sauce: check. Freeze peaches: check. Canned diced tomatoes: check. I love this time of year! So many yummy things to eat. :)...

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Our sweet girl started KINDERGARTEN this week. She had to wait a whole week after Andrew started, and she thought it was so unfair! The day before school started we went over to the school to see her teacher Mrs. Bronder, see her classroom, and have cookies and milk. 

The next morning I walked her to class... Andrew came with us so I could show him where her classroom is. Andrew has been a great helper, because now I just drop them off in front of the school, he walks her to her class, then goes to his own class. It does my heart good to see them walking into school together... they are lucky to have each other, and I am so glad they are so close.

Carrie has LOVED kindergarten... every single thing about it. She was excited to find out a friend from her soccer team last year is in her class (Hannah).

Today I got this email from her teacher:

Kevin and Angie,
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how awesome Carrie did today! She is our first student to have reached Hank's (Happy Head) crown. She is such a hard worker and is always trying her best. I am really glad to have Carrie in my class.  She is terrific!! :)
Thanks so much!
Mrs. Bronder

I am so proud of my girl! I miss her while she is gone, but it helps to know she has a wonderful teacher that cares about her. It also helps to know that she is completely happy where she is. Carrie is with one of her most favorite people in the entire world...
This cute girl is in our ward, and I have been able to babysit her a few times a week for the last year. They were in the same preschool class, and became the best of friends. They are not able to be in the same kindergarten class, and I won't be babysitting her very often any more, but I am so thankful that Carrie has been able to make such a good friend. They are the funnest most silly girls, and I love them both! Carrie has missed her other half this week since school started, and I know I am going to miss hearing them play and giggle the days away... but I know they are going to ROCK kindergarten! Thank goodness she only lives around the corner and Carrie can still see her at church, too.

{Third Grade}

Andrew started school last week, and he is in THIRD grade this year. We got to go over to the school the night before to meet his teacher, Mrs. Sullivan. She seems very nice, and Andrew has really liked her. He was especially excited when he found out his good friend Tyler would be in his class again this year. 

So far he has been doing great, and working hard. He found some new books he likes at school, and has been spending a lot of time reading. He comes home happy and hungry each day, haha. He is excited to be a third grader!
 ...when it comes time for pictures it is hard to be serious...
this is the best we got! haha. Love my silly boy!!