Friday, October 30, 2015

{instagram: october} current favorite scripture...
...He told me he didn't want a nap, but was sound asleep on the chair 5 minutes later...
...I took Matthew to preschool this morning, and came home with a frog instead...
...It has been so much fun doing preschool with these cute kiddos! They came over today and we had a fun Halloween party!!...

...Carrie with one of her best friends from the ward/school (Kaitlin Cano) at their school Halloween party...

Monday, October 5, 2015

{Andrew Boy}

This boy continues to grow nonstop. He likes to remind me that his feet are almost the same size as mine, and that it won't be much longer that he is as tall as me, then passes me. He outgrows his shoes/pants faster than anything, and sometimes it can be a struggle to keep up with!!

Andrew has always been one smart cookie. We had parent teacher conference this last week and it came as no surprise to us when his teacher says he is doing well, but is bored in class because the work is too easy. She told us that she has ordered a math and science book for Andrew to look through to see what he would like to learn this year. She wants to find things that will interest him, and challenge him, without giving him extra work. I am thankful for teachers that understand my kids and the needs that they may have. Andrew was excited, and is looking forward to having some say in what he learns. :)
Andrew's current obsession is all things Pokemon, especially Pokemon cards. He loves to collect them, and trade with friends and cousins. He enjoys "battling" with them, and spends a lot of time sorting them, and looking at them. He has found kids at his new school that also love Pokemon, and has been able to make new friends easily. He has made one especially good friend, Mason, and we are thankful for him.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

{Care Bear}

This girl is as sweet as they come. She is always doing kind things for others. She is very affectionate and gives me many great big hugs and kisses each day. She is a happy girl, and wants other people to be happy too. 

The older kids moved to a new school this year. Carrie was able to make new friends very quickly. She genuinely loves everyone. We had parent teacher conferences this last week. The first thing the teacher wanted us to know about Carrie, is how special she is. She mentioned that she wished she could have a classroom full of kids like Carrie. She also told us that Carrie is the most compassionate child in the class. Carrie has been sitting by a little boy that has a hard time, and is lower level. Each day the class does reading together, and Carrie helps this boy get to the right page, and goes out of her way to help him when she can. Her teacher said that Carrie has never been asked to do these things, she just does them. I have always known how very special my girl is, but it sure is nice to hear when other people see the special qualities in your child. :)
Carrie loves to do art. She is constantly coloring, drawing, and writing. She recently made me a mailbox out of paper so she would have a place to put notes that she makes to surprise me. She has a special way of brightening my day, and melting my heart.

{Bubba Boy}

Our Matthew is learning new things at an incredible rate. His speech has come a LONG way in the last few months, and he now speaks clearly in sentences, and does a great job at expressing his feelings and/or his needs. 

This boy is HILARIOUS!! He says funny things, and he does funny things. His smile is contagious, and I can't help but feel happy when he looks at me with one of his bright-eyed dimple-cheeked smiles. He also has the greatest laugh, and he laughs a lot! He loves to laugh at the shows he watches, at mom or dad, watching other kids.... but he seems to laugh the most at himself. He cracks himself up! 
We had Matthew enrolled in an awesome pre-school this year, but as the school year continued to get closer we felt it would be the best thing for our family to pull him out of that, and save the money. I felt bad, but knew in my heart it was the right decision. I talked to a few friends this last summer who have kids the same age as Matthew that would also not be in a preschool class, and we decided to do one of our own. We each take a week at a time, and take turns having the kids at our homes and teach lessons and play. It has turned out to be the best thing, and I have personally loved when it is my turn to have the kids at my house. Matthew loves his friends!!