Saturday, January 30, 2016

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...This boy is officially a SUNBEAM in primary!! He wasn't so sure about it at first (church changing to 1:00 in the afternoon today didn't help.) But he was all smiles when primary was over. We are thankful for wonderful primary leaders and teachers!!...
...Busy with reading his magazine out loud while at my dr's appointment. 
#upsidedown #scrunchynose...
...Morning stories before school. Carrie is such a little mother.. she is always taking good care of her younger brother...
...You know someone is tired when they fall asleep on the hard kitchen floor!!...

...Little man helping to make cookies for family night...
...Science fair project is DONE. Hallelujah!! I didn't know if we were going to finish it. I have never had to do a science fair (not even as a kid), and man are they a lot of work! Science has never been my strong suit. Good thing Andrew had Kevin to help him or I don't know what we would have done...
...Livin' the good life. Gloves, mom's slippers, banana, and "fluffy pillow" all while watching Angry Birds on Netflix...

{it's great to be eight. Happy Birthday, Carrie!}

Our sweet girl is somehow eight years old!! She has been looking forward to this day, and talking about it for months. We are so proud of the person that she is becoming! She has such a peaceful, happy, and calming influence on our family. Her brothers are her best friends, and she is so good to them. She also never disappoints in making us laugh, and her laugh is contagious! She loves all things arts and crafts, and there is almost always a mess on the counter and/or kitchen table from her art work. She loves to ride her bike, roller blade, scooter, and to swim. She is kind to everyone, and makes friends easily. Even though Carrie won't be baptized until June, we are so proud and excited about the decision she has made to get baptized!! We are lucky and beyond blessed to have Carrie in our family!
...Carrie got to celebrate her birthday, twice! First, at grandma and grandpa Allen's house with some cousins...
 ...She got a new bike!! She has wanted/needed one, and she is excited to try it out!!...
 ...The weekend of her birthday we had her cousin Elyse over for a sleepover. That has become a tradition for each others' birthday, and they always look forward to it!!...

{June Naylor(1925 - 2016)}

My amazing grandma Naylor passed away. She has always been one of my very favorite people in the whole world, and I am so blessed to have had her be such an important part of my life. When I think about my childhood she is right there, front and center. I adored her, and always will. Just thinking about her, and the happy person she was makes me smile.

Some of the things I remember when I think of my grandma:
*her whistles
*whistling like a bird and saying "who let the bird in the house?", or mewing like a cat and asking "who let the cat in the house"
*making yellow sheet cake or banana pudding for a treat
*ironing. sewing. quilting. emroidery. laundry. All things she loved doing
*her sitting in the recliner to watch us play outside, and coming inside to find her asleep and snoring in the chair :)
*doing my hair
*coloring with me
*telling/reading stories
*her smile. her laugh. making everyone around her laugh
*holding my hand
*turning on music and telling us to dance, so she could watch
*going on walks
*her simple but strong testimony 
I was able to see my grandma a couple of times while she was sick before she passed. I will always hold those memories dear. The first time I saw her I took Carrie with me, held her hand, and just sat with her. She was so tired, but she knew I was there, because once in a while she would look at me and give me a smile. The second time we were able to stop by as a family. The kids all got to see her. While I was in her room with Kevin, she was more alert this day, and quite chatty. A funny thing she said to Kevin was, "you are so damn good lookin'." We were not expecting that, and couldn't help but laugh! She also told Kevin to take good care of me, because I have always been a sweetheart. I don't know if that is true, but I love her for saying that. She has always been a sweetheart. And I will always love my grandma.

Grandma passed away in her sleep in the middle of the night. I woke suddenly and could hear very distinctly, my grandma's infectious happy laugh. I remember looking at the clock to see what time it was. My mom called me early the next morning to tell me the news that grandma had passed away. I wasn't surprised, and when I asked her what time she had passed, it was at the time I had woken up in the night. I know that was my grandma's way of saying good-bye, and I am so thankful for it. I hope I never forget the sound of her laugh, because it was so much of who she was.
I love you grandma!!! 
Forever and always.